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Ms Hill spent five days recovering in hospital, unable to open her eyes because they were so swollen.

I said something and he just turned around and put his fist to me.'Shaken by the gesture, Ms Hill packed a bag for her husband and threw it downstairs.'He slowly pulled the bed cover back and I thought he was going to hug me, but he gave me the biggest headbutt.'In court, Jennison claimed that this was a 'clash of heads'.'Then as fast as he did that, he started strangling me,' Ms Hall added.'And strangled.

Jennison, who had prior convictions for violence against women, was jailed for three years and three months by Manchester Crown Court.

He also faces a further three years on extended licence upon his release from jail.

She said: 'I met him on Plenty of Fish and that was it. But I had lived on my own for 24 years so I didn't know if I was being over the top.'I think women need to be aware if you do get any funny feeling there's Clare's Law.

If you get that odd feeling you need to follow it.'After the attack, Suzanne was contacted by a woman who knew Jennison.

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