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Materials, Measurement, and Error: Comparative Class Data and Scientific Argumentation via a Cloud-based Application (QQ 2.04) at MRS Fall 2013 Meeting in Boston, MA in December 2013 with T. Conceptual thinking versus plug-and-chug problem solving: Radiocarbon dating and interactive animated spreadsheets at the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting of the ACS at the University of Maryland, College Park, MD in May 2011 with Barbara Gage. Interactive Excel Spreadsheets: Constructing Visualization Tools to Enhance Your Learner-centered Math and Science Classroom at Powering Up with Technology at Northwestern High School in November 2006. as part of NASA Langley Modeling and Simulation for High School Math/Science Teachers thru Longwood University (half-day) and Radford University (three days) at NASA Langley in Hampton, VA in June and July 2014. See Using Interactive Computer-Based Tools in the Classroom. [abstract, scroll to poster C03]Venturing into Computation Science and Dynamic Visualization with Excelets at Computation and Science for Teachers (CAST) Workshop held at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, in Pittsburgh, PA in June 2007.

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Halpern (2011) Fostering a Conceptual Understanding in Undergraduate Materials Education: A Multivariable Animated Spreadsheet Approach in Materials Education Development and Outreach--From K-Grad, edited by D. Interactive Visualization of Chemical Structures in Biology, Chemistry, and Geology: Empowering Your Students with a Discovery Learning Tool at the Powering Up with Technology Conference at Northwestern High School (PGCPS) in Hyattsville, MD in November 2003.

Patented mineral rights covering an area of approximately 69,451 hectares (149,338 acres).

It is one contiguous parcel of land covering 10 townships, adjacent to the Kidd Creek Mine Complex near Timmins, Ontario that also includes the additional 448 claims contiguous to Block A covering approximately 7,252 hectares (17,920 acres) which were staked by the Company (see NR 11-11-24) and the additional 10 claim blocks contiguous in Lucas, Duff and Tully Townships of approximately 2,137 hectares (5,280 acres) that the Company agreed to acquire from Metals Creek Resources (see NR 11-12-01) In 2012, the Company announced the acquisition of 3 additional claim blocks (12 claim units), totaling 192 hectares (474 acres) in the Kingsmill and Aubin townships that were not part of the original land purchase of the Project 81 area An additional 6 claim blocks (84 claim units) totaling 3,360 acres (1,359 hectares) were added in the Bradburn and Calder Twps attached to previous staked ground in the area.

Gage (2011) Enzyme Kinetics for Novice Learners: Numerical Simulation in Excel, Applications of Spreadsheets in Education: The Amazing Power of a Simple Tool, M.

Dynamic and Interactive Visualization for Learner-Centered Science and Mathematics, at the 13th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning in Jacksonville, FL.

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