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Also, morphologic data were correlated with tumor grade, invasion and lymph node status.

Statistical analysis was performed by using SPSS software, version 17.

Podoplanin is involved in tumorigenesis and cancer progression in head and neck malignancies and its expression is not restricted to lymphatic vessel endothelium (2).

Lymphatic vessels (LVs) identified with anti-podoplanin antibodies have been demonstrated in tumoral and peri-tumoral areas, and their number correlates with prognosis in malignant melanomas (3), squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck (4, 5), breast cancers (6) and gastric adenocarcinomas (7).

Today, the identification of molecular markers which govern lymphatic metastasis represents a big challenge for therapeutic improvement by the use of targeted therapies.

Podoplanin, known as a lymphatic endothelial cell marker, has been reported expressed in various types of cancer including oral cancers.

Moreover, lymphatic microvascular density apparently represents a major prognostic element for lymph node metastasis.

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Irregular, narrow lymph vessels were present at the interface betweeen tumor and the rich inflamatory stroma (Figure 1e).Counterstain was performed with modified Lillie' hematoxylin.We quantified the presence, morphology and density of LVs, the existence of lymphovascular invasion and the D2-40 expression in tumor cells.The present study was designed to characterize podoplanin expression in tumor cells of lip, oral cavity, tongue and pharynx squamous cell carcinomas, together with lymphatic vessels distribution, morphology, density and their impact on tumor progression.Evaluation of podoplanin by D2-40 immunohistochemistry assessement on 56 cases of oral cancers, revealed two different expression patterns in tumor cells depending on their location.

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