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Podoplanin plays a crucial role for normal and pathological tissue development.

Incubation with primary antibody was followed by the use of labeled streptavidin biotin working system (LSAB , Dako Cytomation) and 3,3’ diaminobenzidine as chromogen.Podoplanin is involved in tumorigenesis and cancer progression in head and neck malignancies and its expression is not restricted to lymphatic vessel endothelium (2).Lymphatic vessels (LVs) identified with anti-podoplanin antibodies have been demonstrated in tumoral and peri-tumoral areas, and their number correlates with prognosis in malignant melanomas (3), squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck (4, 5), breast cancers (6) and gastric adenocarcinomas (7).Dual expression of podoplanin in tumor cells and lymphatics with particular patterns correlated with histopathology and lymph node status in oral cancer, representing the molecular basis for testing podoplanin as a potential target for anti D2-40 antibody based therapy.Oral cavity malignant diseases represent a controversial issue in the field of cancer research.

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