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Kate Barlow robbed the first Stanley Yelnats of his fortune while he was moving from New York to California. His attempts to discover a way to recycle old sneakers cause the Yelnats' apartment to smell very bad. He seems to be friendly but really he is just as mean as the Warden and Mr. This is revealed by his constant taunting of Zero and by his total lack of concern for the safety of Stanley and Zero when they are covered in deadly yellow-spotted lizards.

He survived by climbing to the top of a thumb shaped mountain (which he called God's thumb) which happened to be Sam's old onion field. Eventually he discovers a cure to foot odor and is able to hire the lawyer, Ms. Clyde Livingston - Clyde is the famous baseball player whose shoes Stanley is accused of stealing.

Zero has suffered many hardships in his life, even more than Stanley, but he never completely despairs and always shows incredible strength and willpower. X-Ray - X-Ray is the leader of the group of boys at Camp Green Lake.

Although he is small and cannot see well, he manages to take charge and have the other boys follow his orders. He is as tough as X-Ray, although he often follows X-Ray's directions.

For this reason people call him Trout, because his feet smell like dead fish.

Elya Yelnats - Elya is Stanley's great-great-grandfather and the reason that Stanley's family has such bad luck.

It is Charles who leads the citizens of Green Lake to burn down the schoolhouse and kill Sam after he kisses Kate.

Sam knew how to make many medicinal remedies out of onions and he was strong and smart. Because he was black, Sam suffered from racism, which prevented him from attending school or being with Kate.He befriends Zero, another boy at the camp and through this friendship he succeeds in eradicating his family curse. Zero - Zero is another camper at Camp Green Lake who becomes friends with Stanley.Zero is the best digger and generally thought to be stupid by the counselors and the other boys.Sam is killed by the racist people of Green Lake after he and Kate kiss.Charles Walker - Charles is the son of the richest family in Green Lake at the same time that Kate Barlow is the school teacher.

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