Revalidating h1b visa

with an expired visa, you need to make sure Mexico allows citizens from your country into its borders for travel without requiring a visa. citizen or permanent resident, you are required to show a passport or a NEXUS expedited entry card.

If you are entering Mexico with an expired non-immigrant F or J student visa, an H1, a work visa or are a journalist, and you plan to stay in Mexico less than 30 days you will be able to re-enter the U. as long as you have your I-94 form from your original entry into the U. He has a Masters degree in French literature and a law degree, both from the University of Tennessee.

Please consult with an international scholar advisor in any of these situations, prior to making travel arrangements.," an H-1B alien may re-enter the U. after a trip solely to Canada or Mexico that lasted no more than 30 days, without the need to obtain a new H-1B visa.

This is true even if the individual's prior H-1B visa has expired, or the prior visa listed a different status.

Adjacent islands, however, are defined by statute and regulation. Customs and Border Protection officers are trained on the Automatic Visa Revalidation Rule, not all officers apply it correctly.

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An H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant visa used by American companies who wish to employ foreign workers in occupations that require college degrees or their equivalency.H-1B travel under this provision is limited to travel to Canada and Mexico. Should you need a visa for entry, check as to whether you need to apply for one before entering Mexico and allow proper time for it to be processed. Benjamin Peacock is a Chicago-based writer, specializing in higher education related topics since 2009.A worker can leave the US without losing the time lost in the US.For example, if the foreign worker leaves the US for 3 months, he can recapture the time lost toward the three or six years.

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