Riki lindhome dating

Wren's widowed mother, Joy, dyed her hair blonde and is dating a 26-year-old boyfriend named "Keevin." Wren has her heart set on college life at New York University.Her friend April has her eyes set on social status, and nerdy friend Roosevelt has his heart set on Wren. Wren decides on a Dorothy Gale costume, and April decides to dress as a sexy cat.Both harass the four kids, until one of them bangs on the hood, causing it to start up again, giving them an opportunity to escape.

Despite Wren's pleas to not watch her brother, Joy offers to sign her applications for NYU if she does.The four kids ask the girl in the drive-thru window about Albert's whereabouts, but have no success.While leaving, they find their way out of the drive-thru blocked off by Puglio.Initially, Puglio does not take the challenge seriously, believing the gun is not real until he fires it at him, blowing apart a chicken drumstick Puglio used as a mock weapon.The drive-thru girl calls the police, and Puglio and his friend flee the scene while April escapes.

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