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Both harass the four kids, until one of them bangs on the hood, causing it to start up again, giving them an opportunity to escape.

Across town, Fuzzy and Albert arrive at Lara's apartment building, and he climbs the building to throw toilet paper all over her apartment while Albert keeps lookout for the police, only to find that he not only threw it into the wrong apartment (Lara's was the one next to it), but he also accidentally set it on fire from some candles.

She also focuses on the fact that she, her mother, Joy, and 8-year-old little brother, Albert are touched by the death of her father in their own way.

Albert, who also has reputation as a legend at video games, has apparently chose a life of elective mutism.

The two girls are surprised when they find they are invited to a Halloween party by local heartthrob Aaron Riley, even as she performs a seemingly uncool "explaining rap," about her friend Roosevelt's proposed E. Albert wants a costume with a fake severed arm, while Wren tries to talk him into selecting a Spider-Man costume. On the day she is supposed to go to the party, she is also ordered by her mother to take Albert trick-or-treating so she can go to a party with her boyfriend.

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And to make matters worse, the car stalls right in front of the SUV driven by Mike Puglio the "Wedgie King" and his sidekick dressed like The Incredible Hulk.The four kids ask the girl in the drive-thru window about Albert's whereabouts, but have no success.While leaving, they find their way out of the drive-thru blocked off by Puglio.Roosevelt's parents are semi-eccentric pacifistic lesbians, and Wren previously thought his reference to them as his "Moms" was an attempt to mimic rappers such as Li'l Wayne.Roosevelt asks his mothers to borrow the car, but when they insist that he asks it in ancient Greek; he does so, and they say no.

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