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On the surface, Eastern Promises is a straightforward crime story about people who don't appear to be terribly complex.

But somehow, the combination of the narrative, the mood, and the humanness of the characters create an alchemy that transcends this film from something that could have been common into something quite unique and memorable.

During the campaign, Underwood makes a calculated move and sends Rachel Posner to a fundraiser party that Russo was attending.

She tempts and teases him into an all-night drinking binge (she herself remains sober, and they never have sex), and the night before an important radio interview.

We can see the introspection and pain on their faces, but the script leaves so much unsaid, and so much about the two main characters (played by Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts) we come to care about so much remain a beautiful, haunting mystery.

Representative Peter "Pete" Russo (1977 – September 23, 2013) was the member of the U. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania's 1st congressional district.

See more » Slavery and Suffering Traditional Revolutionary Song Arranged by Dimitri Oleg Yachinov Performed by The Red Army Choir under the direction of B. Under license from FGL Productions See more » It is not often that audiences today are treated to a film that has as many things going for it as Eastern Promises does.

Whether it's because of interference from studios determined to make their products as marketable as possible, filmmakers who favor style over substance, or just a plain old shortage of originality, nowadays it is a treat when a film fan can leave the theater and feel affected by the artistry that he/she has just experienced.

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He was later mentioned during a conversation between President Frank Underwood and Doug Stamper in the Oval Office.

While it all starts with the script, credit must be given to the director, David Cronenberg for bringing it to life, and for the cast, who created living, breathing characters who the viewer cares about- whether they are likable or not, good or evil, or not quite so easy to read. At the core of the film is "Nikolai," the loyal chauffeur to the kingpin's volatile son. We know he is a man with a past and with secrets, but we really don't know what his goals and motives are.

We don't know who he is, yet somehow, just as the half-Russian midwife, "Anna", we are drawn to him and trust that there is goodness in him, even as were are not quite sure we should.

Peter gathers himself and attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and it is during this "comeback" that Underwood taps him to run for Governor of Pennsylvania.

Despite being a less-than-ideal gubernatorial candidate on paper, Russo is selected to run for Governor with the help of Underwood.

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