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Central to their case is GPS data they say place him at the scenes of the alleged crimes.Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty says Holtzclaw took advantage of those made vulnerable by their pasts; some of the accusers have criminal records. He declined comment, and his attorney did not respond to messages.

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The officer also pleaded guilty to producing child pornography after detectives found sexually explicit pictures of the victims on his phone.

"It takes a particular type of depravity, boldness and recklessness for a sexual predator to take photographs of his victim," the government argued in a court filing.

Best is due for sentencing in February; his plea agreement calls for an 18-year prison term.

According to a detective's report, a woman said Newport followed her home from a bar and entered her apartment in the remote town near the U. According to a probable cause affidavit, she went to a neighbor's apartment when he left to take a call on his radio, fearing he would come back to attack her.

She saw him come and go and thought it was safe to return, but he was waiting inside.

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