Sec cset 2cam

About a half of mile into the hike, our visibility shot down to almost 0% as the fog rolled in yet again.Making our way to the top of Dege Peak, we were blessed with a beautiful 360 degree view of pure white.There is nothing more comforting to your baby than the sound of your voice.Our Talk to Baby feature lets you talk, listen and soothe from afar.Excellent image quality and a front facing speaker lets you feel as close as possible without waking baby up.The sturdy and resilient steel monitor stand allows you to view from any angle and reposition easily.

There’s lots to love about Alexa’s bright and vivid LCD screen.

Day One of our trip started off like every other trip - endless flights, connections, and barely sufficient airport food.

Finally arriving in Seattle, we sped our rental car off to Federal Way to arrive at what would be our humble abode for the next week.

The sun was fading, and the starts were about to appear.

Around 8 PM, we got our gear ready, checked our head lamps and flashlights, and set out along the Sourdough Ridge trail in search of the center of the galaxy.

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