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Teror keji di Aceh ini kita harapkan segera berakhir!Polisi harus mampu mengungkap kasus kejahatan bersenjata api tersebut, termasuk di dalamnya motif yang melatarbelakanginya.A survey in October by another institution, the Indonesian Voice Network (JSI), also revealed that the KPK’s popularity was dwindling unlike the police’s.LSI blamed the many unresolved corruption cases for the KPK’s bad public image.“The KPK, in the future, should begin to put its perception of corruption in a wider context, so that it not only focuses on enforcement but also long-term prevention,” Bambang said.It went on to say that the fledgling force, which has been rebuilt from the ground up in the past eight-plus years, were “the sons of the nation, carrying out their duties in order to implement the law and justice.”The statement came on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the police’s 1922 founding, two years after Britain created the country under a League of Nations mandate, but a decade before it became fully independent.

Sebelumnya, pada malam dan hari pertama pergantian tahun, terjadi tiga kasus penembakan di tiga daerah, yaitu di Kabupaten Bireuen, Kota Banda Aceh dan Aceh Utara.

“In previous years, the public’s perception of the government’s performance [on corruption eradication] was always above 50 percent,” said Dodi Ambardi, the executive director of LSI.

In 2008, public satisfaction with corruption eradication efforts stood at 77 percent.

But this quickly slid to 59 percent the next year, when the Rp 6.7 trillion (7 million) Bank Century bailout scandal erupted, and to 52 percent the year after, when a House of Representatives inquiry into the bailout appeared to be superficial.

“If we take the number who aren’t satisfied from those who are, this year [the government] got its first minus,” LSI researcher Burhanuddin Muhtadi said.

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