Server 2016 not updating from wsus

Install-Windows Feature -Name Update Services -Include Management Tools New-Item -Path C: -Name WSUS -Item Type Directory CD "C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools" .\postinstall CONTENT_DIR=C:\WSUS Write-Verbose "Get WSUS Server Object" -Verbose $wsus = Get-WSUSServer Write-Verbose "Connect to WSUS server configuration" -Verbose $wsus Config = $wsus.

Get Configuration() Write-Verbose "Set to download updates from Microsoft Updates" -Verbose Set-Wsus Server Synchronization -Sync From MU Write-Verbose "Set Update Languages to English and save configuration settings" -Verbose $wsus Config.

Start Synchronization() Write-Verbose "Monitor Progress of Synchronisation" -Verbose Start-Sleep -Seconds 60 # Wait for sync to start before monitoring while ($subscription. Open Power Shell ISE and run the following command to start an remote session: #Change server name and port number and $True if it is on SSL $Computer = $env: COMPUTERNAME [String]$update Server1 = $Computer [Boolean]$use Secure Connection = $False [Int32]$port Number = 8530 # Load . Admin Proxy]::get Update Server($update Server1,$use Secure Connection,$port Number) write-host "" -foregroundcolor "yellow" $updatescope = New-Object Microsoft. As a part of this blog post research I did enable Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016.Open – (no limit) Back in IIS, select your Server on the left, and hit Restart on the right.Alternatively, now would be a good time to restart entirely.Mine is E:\WSUS On the Permissions for E:\WSUS, add the following accounts with Full Control; A level down on the E:\WSUS\WSUSContent folder, ensure your permissions logically match the below. Named SCCMDeployment Packages Edit the Security and ensure the Network Service and SCCMAdmins Security groups have Full Control. Ensuring Permissions are correct again I’d advise you research these settings if you are not aware of their effects prior to setting in any production environments.Double check the SCCMAdmins and Network Service have inherited down. However, setting these will mostly avoid common errors you may receive on clients.

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