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In 2015 he founded Shiloh Abundant Life of Atlanta. He has served as pastor for thirty-seven years along with his wife, Pastor Anita Leach.

Much of his life has been spent serving in different capacities in the church, which helped to prepare him for pastoral ministry.

Bishop Darnell Leach was born the third of five sons to the late Reverend William & Mother Annie Leach.

One of his earliest memories is at age five being placed on a milk crate and singing before his father was scheduled to preach.

Convenient to Hunter’ Creek, Kissimmee / St Cloud, and South west Orlando, Loop Pediatrics is located in the Hunter’s Creek Professional Park–across from The Loop Shopping Center, on South John Young Parkway.

Our address is 1144 Cypress Glen Circle, Kissimmee, Fl 34741 Click on the Please call 407-483-5900 to let us know that you are coming, and to discuss your needs prior to arrival.

Furthermore, Jeff attended College at The University of Montana Missoula where he earned a degree in Business Administration.

God’s mission must form and inform everything we do.God has given her a word of release for women in the Body of Christ.Her greatest joy in ministry is to see women emotionally healed, delivered and set free from yokes of bondage.Bishop has served as a Bible Teacher, Lecturer, and speaker for churches and ministries throughout the United States, and several countries in the Caribbean, and West Indies.God has blessed Bishop Leach to write and develop the curriculum that is now being used by Bible Way to ordain their elders and deacons.

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