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They may, and no doubt will, be cited as evidence of the pitfalls of sexually liberated child-rearing.But to turn them into proof of child molestation seems quite an overreach.There is also an anti-Dunham feminist faction, which believes Dunham is a sexual abuser and has urged Planned Parenthood to drop her as its spokeswoman.But if anything, it confirms to what extent the charges against her tend to be viewed through the lens of politics.Assuming that Dunham's alcohol-addled memories are reliable (a big if), how is this rape?

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(One tweet affirmed support for "people narrating their own experiences, determining for themselves what has and hasn't been harmful"; two others decried the policing of non-normative sexuality.) They have uncritically cited Lena Dunham's claim that anything she has written about her sister has been "published with her approval," even though it doesn't mesh with Grace Dunham's recent statement in that she and her sister had fought over "my feeling like personal life her property." Nor have they acknowledged that the allegations against Dunham have arisen in a paranoid climate in which children as young as six—nearly always boys—can be treated as sex offenders for playing doctor with a child of similar age, kicking another child in the groin during a fight, or kissing a classmate's hand.

At one point, Dunham describes an encounter at Oberlin with a "mustachioed campus Republican" named Barry.

Actually, she describes it at two points: first, as a comical drunken tumble during which she suddenly spots the condom she thought Barry was wearing hanging off of her roommate's potted tree; then, as a likely rape about the nonconsensual nature of which she was at first in denial.

She certainly wasn't past being able to say yes or no.

Because Barry was too rough during an otherwise consensual encounter?

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