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Bates and his role in moving Baylor College of Medicine from Dallas to Houston came up in a conversation with Bryant Boutwell, the John P.Mc Govern Professor of Oslerian Medicine, at the UT Health Science Center-Houston.The Archives of Sexual Behavior journal published in the past year two studies by psychologist Bruce Rind, both of which claim that "minor-adult sex tends not to be reported as a bad experience, as unwanted, or as one with longstanding negative consequences," Regnerus explained.One of Rind's studies surveys the first same-sex sexual experience of adolescent girls using old data from Alfred Kinsey, most of whose participants were born before the year 1930.Scholars with misgivings about the wisdom of any sexual standard beyond consent sense little space in which to operate today.By Philip Montgomery Head of Mc Govern Historical Center Yesterday, Colonel William B.William “Bill” Bates in 1920 walks with Virgie [Dorsey], the cousin of Mary Dorsey.Mary and Bill married shortly after this picture was taken at West End Lake on a Sunday afternoon near Nacogdoches, Texas.

She told him that adolescents are "desperate for connection" and that the presence of pleasure does not prevent harm, explaining that their young brains lack the necessary cognitive faculties to consent to something they do not fully understand.

And whereas in years past this kind of research would have been roundly condemned publicly, it is now being met with silence.

Writing in the Public Discourse Monday, Mark Regnerus, a professor of sociology at the University of Texas-Austin and author of noted a disturbing development in both the dissemination and public consumption of research on sex and sexuality.

Photo from MS 11, Colonel William Bates papers; series A, box “Family and Home,” folder “Family Photos,” circa 1920-1921.

Boutwell, an historian and author, described how Baylor came to the Texas Medical Center.

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