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Keeping Spike chipped was evil and you can’t fight evil with evil. He lifts it up further revealing an array of weapons. Willow is folding laundry as Buffy tells her about dinner with Principal Wood.She leaves and Giles calls after her that he hopes she’s right. I’m actually on Buffy’s side on this one, in large part because fuck the Initiative. Buffy wonders why he asked her out, considering everything from him being truly interested to it being work related.At the same time, Giles notes that Spike isn’t in pain and Spike notes that Giles isn’t the First.Spike’s observation wins out as he explains that Anya said he was the First.See, there was a choice, and they chose to remove the chip. And then there is Chao-Ahn, who in Cantonese, says she doesn’t understand a word they are saying. Giles stands at the door and tells her that this is very dangerous. Buffy says she made the call based on instinct, just like Giles was talking about. He knew the Bringer was there because his shoes squeaked. You think the forces of evil would’ve found some noise free footwear by now. And based on the number of Bringers the First has and how quickly Buffy’s dispatching them, the First is buying their robes and shoes in bulk, as cheaply as possible. Buffy claims nothing has changed because Spike had the chip when the First made him kill and sire people.Buffy jokes that all the horror stories about wearing hoops are just myths. Giles argues that they don’t know if the chip was even working then. Mid-rope talk, Xander asks Ashanti out for coffee and she smiles. Buffy sneaks into Principal Wood’s office which is a good plan except for the part where it isn’t.He’s going on and on about how it was a mix of luck, years and years of training and an uncanny sense, so you just know something is about to catch him off guard.Lor: Sure enough, that something comes in the form of Spike who tackles him.

“Save the world, but do it how I say.”K: I’m somewhere in the middle, but I think the point that Giles was trying to make was more than Buffy shouldn’t have been making the decision alone. Yeah, we’ve seen her fall asleep on a student and tell Amanda bullies sometimes bully you out of love. Willow says she’ll have to dress for the ambiguity.Really, no one who ever watched the last episode expected Buffy to repair that chip. Giles asks Spike would try to tackle the incorporeal First, as Buffy sports a little smirk in the background. () Giles now returns to his question about Spike not being in any pain. Sweeney: People in fictional universes should follow our lead and engage in a comprehensive study of other fictional universes in order to learn important rules, like the guilt inherent in being near or around a shovel.Him and Buffy tag-team an explanation that’s seems to be slightly played for chuckles. Buffy is sitting at her vanity, putting on some earrings. I mean, I guess I do, but in the end it just highlights how unconcerned everyone has been about sleeper agent Spike. Giles goes on about how Spike is now added to the dangers they are protecting the Potentials from. Okay, not randomly, I guess if they are listing evils, but holy shit, it’s only been 4 minutes and this whole thing has been so artless. Lor: Buffy claims to be looking into Principal Wood, and Giles says that’s awful responsible of her, which balances out the whole un-chipping Spike thing.Giles’s Cantonese is really thin, but he’s thankful that ice cream is a universal language.Chao-Ahn, in Cantonese of course, says that she’s lactose intolerant and very uncomfortable at the moment. Buffy asks Willow to do a “Sweeney: But also, like, Xander. Like, everyone should currently be choosing no dates, because apocalypse.) Lor: Andrew is in the kitchen reading the manual for a microwave. Jonathan shows up and tells Andrew that he doesn’t need a manual, the microwave is intuitive.

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