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This coincides with most North American feral populations.

(Editor: The area has long drawn travelers to its warm springs; Guppy releases were likely intended to control mosquitos.) Based on known genotype and phenotypical expressions, the Jemez population is unique in that individuals express little indication of founding members deriving from modern domestic Guppy strains.

While many springs in the regions are much hotter, Mc Cauley is generally considered a “Warm Spring,” with dilution in ground water supply, having a p Ha measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, commonly measured on a scale of 0 to 14.

Extreme limit need not be “lethal” in immediate fashion to result in long-term repercussions.Analysis of tritium levels at Mc Cauley Springs were indicative of water entering the ground prior to 1953, though also suggestive of some water entering post this date.Water is circulated in the upper 1500’ of the ancient Valles Caldera moat and heated by geothermal heat flux common in the region.All photos by author or by Tom Coggins with permission.INTRODUCTION Nestled high in the Jemez Mountains of Sandoval County, New Mexico, at an elevation of around 7,350 feet (2240.28 meters) reside one of the most unique and oldest established feral populations of in North America.

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