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Until your potential mate requested a picture, of course. We knew the thrill of navigating the unknown wildernesses of the internet before firewalls and parental controls and the like neutralized the treacherous terrain.

Sure, we may have talked to a pedophile or two, but we lived, dammit.

I went to public schools my whole life and worked two jobs to put myself through a top private college.

I have a degree in Computer Science and a Master’s in Information Systems.

I am 5 foot 7, Caucasian, and I never dye my dark hair.

I like New Balance sneakers, love Golden Retrievers and hate wearing heels.

At our house, there were three potential modem phone numbers with which to reach the internet, and we'd frantically alternate between our options, forever seeking a signal. No sooner than we'd heard that familiar robotically enthusiastic declaration "You've Got Mail!Back in the day, there was no wireless or high speed internet connections, there was a little phone jack that shared a common line with our home phones.In a time before universal cell phone ownership, this was a pretty serious inconvenience.Users formed full-fledged online relationships with people they had never even met.Sure, in real life you may have been a Dungeons and Dragons playing loner with duct-taped glasses, but online you could be the suave AOL romeo you'd always dreamed of being. It's going date us immensely when we someday tell our children of plugging a common search term in a search engine and having zero results, but we'll know that we were the true online pioneers.

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