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His father was criticised by fans last week after appearing to film himself riding a motorbike down a US highway.But now Brooklyn Beckham has raised eyebrows after being spotted texting while cycling down the streets in New York City.Feeling ditched by her friends who'd gone away together, she tweeted her frustration: ."With bright blue eyes (a gift from her mother), ivory skin, and a dimpled chin, Skylar was an honors student at University High School heading into her junior year, excelling in two subjects she couldn't stand: math and science. The next day, Thursday, after working the evening shift at Wendy's, she went home, where her parents were watching television—Mary sitting in an overstuffed recliner and her father, Dave, lying on the couch.

It's no accident that revolve around four friends instead of three.Always bringing home strays, Skylar immediately took to Shelia, an only child of divorced parents.A slip of a thing, 100 pounds soaking wet, Shelia was as wild as the Appalachian Mountains around them.Watching Skylar climb into the backseat during those last few seconds of footage retrieved from the apartment building's security camera, there's an urge to call out to her, If you were ever a 16-year-old girl, you have a war story. Skylar and Shelia Eddy had been close as kin since they were seven or eight years old.Even the luckiest, prettiest, most gifted, most popular girl has a scar somewhere. "Shelia didn't even knock on the door when she came over, she just came on in," recalls Dave Neese, a large, muscular, softhearted man with dark eyes and a butch haircut.

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