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You should be able to talk honestly with your partner, and you should feel that your partner is being open and honest with you.

If you have an argument, try to fight fair without bringing up the past. Your relationship may not look the same on the “other side,” but it is possible to build something new.

I just needed to be made equal and that can be done in a variety of ways.'Given that the grievance had not reported back, I could not go back to China and collude knowingly in what I perceive to be unlawful pay discrimination, nor could I stay silent and watch the BBC perpetuate a failing pay structure by discriminating against women - I can't do it.

' Following her announcement last night, she was immediately supported by scores of prominent BBC figures, including Emily Maitlis, Clare Balding, Gabby Logan and Jane Garvey.

You have every right to feel hurt, angry, and sad about your partner’s decision to cheat. If not, it might be time to reconsider whether staying in the relationship is right for both of you.

However, if you can’t eventually let go of those feelings and work toward a more positive, open approach to the relationship, it may be a sign that this relationship is not worth staying in. This might be the most important (and hardest) thing to do. They will be angry and hurt about what you did, and they have a right to feel and express their feelings. Are you dealing with cheating in a relationship and need someone to talk to?

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However, you can choose whether or not to trust your partner again. It does take a lot of work, and BOTH partners have to be committed to healing the relationship.Own up to your behaviors, and be understanding about how those behaviors have made your partner feel. Be honest with yourself as to why you made the decision to cheat. Miss Gracie is still waiting to hear the outcome of a grievance complaint, which she lodged last year, and said she could not return to work in China without a resolution.On why she's lost trust for her old bosses, Miss Gracie said: 'I've trusted my bosses for years that's, why I'm here, because I trusted my bosses and I now discover that they weren't paying me equally. 'She told Radio 4 show Woman's Hour earlier today: 'In October the BBC made me a pay offer.

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