Sitcom about a dating service Sexchat bot sends pictures

He returns to his Brooklyn neighborhood where his former girlfriend Shay (Tiffany Haddish) has married a successful white man (Ryan Gaul) while raising twins that Tray didn’t know they had.

The comedy also stars Cedric the Entertainer as the head of the halfway house and Allen Maldonado as Tray’s cousin Bobby.

Watch Full Episode The girls decide It’s time to give Ricky a complete lifestyle makeover and even hire the perfect girlfriend for him – behind his back.

The Cooper clan takes a camping trip to revisit the old cabin they used to frequent with Ricky’s late wife and the girl’s mother, Isabella.

Rosa notices that the Cooper family is absent of their Mexican heritage and teaches them all to Salsa at her senior’s bingo night.

Meanwhile, Gigi struggles to hide her intelligence so she can fit in with friends at her school.

From Comedy and Sci-Fi, to Action and Crime (and some in between!

), we’ve got a show for all tastes and viewing pleasures! Neal Caffrey is a formerly incarcerated criminal with a penchant for charm.

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