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The news on the radio today said she shaved because of head Lice and Crabs (which is easy to contract by the scum she hangs with). But then, shaving your head isn't that bad- there are worse things you could do......leaving your kids at home every night....moms I know couldn't stand to be away from their kids that much, especially when they are that young.Also there's a rumor is that she's trying to evade from getting busted for drugs (test her hair). Yes I admit in my highschool years I was indeed a Spears fan.(FYI- We are still down this is only a minor update) stated. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

The left is upset because Hilary lost and Trump won and the right are upset because their politicians can’t seem to do anything that they promised.

I am here to tell the rest of you it’s ALL total bullshit.

The radical right (read this as white supremacist folks) and the radical left (read this as Antifa or Militant left) are a small vocal and violent minority on the fringes of our society nothing more. They are loud, vocal and in some cases violent and can cause problems but they are the minority on both sides of the political spectrum. NET, and website admins, may not be held legally liable or responsible for the content of the submissions, contributions, posts or articles on this site.

What they truly seek is attention for whatever cause they are preaching today.

Here is the truth each generation gets a little more tolerant, a bit more open and excepting. When people try to force change it rarely works, it causes resentment and strife.

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