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Formed under California State Law, Canna Delivers conforms with all state laws and is a patient run collective serving Yuba, Sutter, Butte counties.

Canna Delivers pays federal and state taxes, as well as, sales tax on each and every member transaction.

is an informal network of people working in traditional communications and new media who are committed to progressive causes and organizations.

PCDC was founded in January of 2006 when founding member Susan Roth of Roth PR asked her colleagues, founding members Brenda Foster (Vanguard Communications), Margot Friedman (Dupont Circle Communications), Peter Kelley (Kelley Campaigns) and Suzanne Turner (Turner Strategies) if they would join her in creating a professional networking group that served the progressive communications community, modeled after a group created in New York of which she was a member (Progressive PR NY). Steering Committee Match Map Media Patricia[AT]Brenda Foster – Founding Member Vanguard Communications bfoster[AT]Margot Friedman – Founding Member Dupont Circle Communications mfriedman[AT]Cindy Hoffman Defenders of Wildlife choffman[AT]Valerie Holford VVH Consulting valerieholford[AT]Brandi Horton Vanguard Communications bhorton[AT]Susan Roth – Founding Member Roth PR prsue[AT]On Friday, May 1, 2015, PCDC is hosting a free “communications for nonprofits” clinic for organizations serving the local DC/MD/VA communities.

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is a California mutual benefit, non profit corporation.

It is of utmost importance that we operate within California State Law as our primary responsibility is keeping our members safe and legal.

Canna Delivers is represented by the law offices of Jeffrey Lake and the accounting firm, Golden State CPAs.

Unlike the Rubik’s cube (whose puzzle borders on torture), unlocking the secret behind these structures is challenging, yet attainable.

Once children move beyond the concept of polarity and attraction, using a set such as the Geo Mag Mechanics set, kids learn to construct with magnets in a way that allows them to magically create simple but functional working machines. Younger children may require adult assistance in order to follow the instructions.

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