So who ispoppy montgomery dating on without a trace

’t those grandchildren being raised by your own children, the two children you raised?

’m sure the wife he cheated on wiht poppy loves seeing this.

i know people who have done this 5 times; each child with a different father and different circumstances.

list to co-star in ‘mission control’ cbs pilot with ‘frequency’ fate in limbo., oh i hope that they bring back “unforgettable” i just loved that show and she is a wonderful [email protected] addison, i’m assuming your 5 children have the same father?

please, the woman is an adult and whether she’s married or not, having kids, doesn’t make her tacky or immoral.

if you’re outraged about this, you need a new outrage.having children is a way bigger commitment than marriage, but only a commitment to the children’s just what it is, and those that are saying anything else are people (imo) that aren’t married and are raising children either with their partners or alone.I have a question…how is her getting pregnant by 2 different men, with whom she has/had a relationship with any different from her going to a fertility bank and getting sperm to get pregnant while being single?) yes,mary was married to joseph, but god is the father.

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