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However, If you suggest less than dinner, that sends the clear message that you are auditioning him and you don't have time to share an entire meal with him.

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It's like this: I found my voice, and I feel like girls, we're always the ones having to do the gross, taboo, kinky tricks. I think you guys need to come up with a couple fucking tricks. I will make you a deal—I will learn to squirt if you teach your dicks how to blow bubbles. But I was in a relationship for three years, and I went through a really bad breakup around a year ago, and I started dating again. Cathi Hanauer read her essay about her affair with a married man; Susan Squire read her piece about how her misremembering of a specific Norman Mailer passage ruined oral sex for her. Jean Carroll divulged the details of her affair with Hunter S. But it was comedian Whitney Cummings who brought the house down with her account (read: rant). It hasn't been a lot—when you're in your 30s it gets less busy. Last night, ELLE brought that series to life at a reading at Neue House. Here, a slightly edited version (for brevity, not for making anything un-NSFW) of Cummings' hilarious and poignant story about the sex that changed her life. I think the sex I've had in the last year has changed my life. Porn has taken over and guys just want in the bedroom what they've seen in porn. In this month's issue of ELLE, a handful of brave and talented women wrote about the sex that changed their lives. You just black it all out and you'll remember it in 20 years. I went out with a guy, and on our second date (this really happened), a guy asked me if I could squirt. And I felt all this pressure to know how to do this. I feel like guys show up to lose their virginity these days with an umbrella and a snorkel.

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