Stop apple tv from updating

So from now, you are not eligible to auto download and install the future Apple TV update.

If you want to do auto software update back ON again, then follow below given steps.

Vizio just made headlines because such a feature is enabled by default on Vizio smart TVs.

There’s a good chance your smart TV is spying on you. Smart TVs not only have bad interfaces, they spy on what you’re watching even when you aren’t using those smarts.In case, if your instructions book lost; then you can get here information.There is a way to check software update on Apple TV (4 Often many issues happen on Apple Tv like Bluetooth Accessory not paring like gaming controller, Bluetooth headphone, etc. Read more: How to update Apple TV software manually: if updates are available Finish!Smart TVs often analyze the videos you’re watching and report back — whether you’re watching live TV, streaming videos on a service like Netflix, or playing local video files. Their security practices are often pretty bad, too.Modern smart TVs often have “features” that inspect what you’re watching and report it back to some company’s servers.

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