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She deserves to get back on the air in DFW; maybe co-host a show with Emily Jones, if the chauvinist pricks in this area can handle it.

Stephanie Blumenthal – You may not know her, and consider yourself lucky if that is so.

Richie Whitt – I’ve called him an idol of mine and I mean it.

He was one of the first sportswriters I regularly read.

Lately, though, my memory seems to suggest that it may have been their immediate replacements – which I think were Barskey and Gregg Henson – saying it.

I do know it was B&S on 103.3 asking Mark Cuban if he would tear down the Ballpark and move the Rangers into Jerry World if he owned that team, which was almost as infuriating.

I hope the Sportatorium takes off and he becomes successful on his own to stick it to corporate media, and I will be at Pizza Buzz’s opening on July 1 in support of him.

He is one of two (technically three) entrants on this list I haven’t met in person, but I have heard enough about him to come to that conclusion.

Just about everyone I’ve talked to who knew of him and isn’t currently on CBS Radio’s payroll has little respect for him, and I’ve talked to people outside this small circle I’m mentioning here.

The problem I have with him isn’t the bottom line of RAGE getting canned – it was how everything was handled.

His defenders and RAGE’s haters keep repeating, “he got rid of a show that was failing in the ratings, end of story.” But my problem is that Spittle lied to both men about Ben & Skin replacing them when anyone with half a brain knew what was coming.

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