Tamara braun dating

I grew up on ABC Daytime from and on is all part of my subconscious, where GH and soap operas are concerned. I’m still a soap fan, and I am trying to selfishly bring my fan dreams into reality on the show (Laughs).

It helps that she is played by a very formidable actress, and someone who reminds me of the Dorian’s and the Viki’s, and all of the other women on .

I think that was because that is the time I would get home from school, and my babysitter was watching it.

I had a toehold with GH, but jumped right in with OLTL.

How do you feel about this romantic pairing of Ava with Griffin (Matt Cohen)? She has got a transformation underway in more ways than one, and we will see if it takes.

When I think about actresses like Maura, it reminds me of the interview I did when I was a college student at NYU.

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