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She was not kidnapped in Las Vegas and as far as we are concerned, there is no evidence that any crime has occurred'Officer Rodriguez did confirm that Sarah had been seen at the MGM Grand 'with three friends' but said the police department had been unable to review security footage from the MGM Grand because of the gap between Sarah's visit to Vegas and their receipt of a missing person's report.

According to the officer, security footage taken at the hotel is automatically deleted after two weeks unless there is cause for concern.

Pressed on whether the teenager appeared to be putting up a fight or unwilling, Captain Hooley said: 'She left with a couple of other males. She didn't seem unwilling at all.'Officer Michael Rodriguez, of the Las Vegas Police Department, said: 'Her mother told us that she was taken by sex traffickers.

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Dunsey's unidentified aunt wrote: 'This is Sarah's aunt.Stan Chmielewski, a security supervisor at the MGM Grand, confirmed this to be the case and told Daily that footage is dumped after two weeks unless there is a specific police request.Sarah, who was until last year a student at Snow Canyon High School in St George, Utah, vanished in Las Vegas on January 15 and was said by her mother Amie Ellis, 36, to have been taken by sex traffickers.He went back home and to sleep, but hours later, he got another alert."I looked at my cameras which I had accessible on my phone and i saw they were packing boxes again." "Might be the same group operating in twos," he said.The thieves used a car to drive through the roll up gates."They broke through these doors, went straight for the shelves opposite of the doors," Solvo said.

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