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A schoolmate Patrick Boyce told the Daily Mail: ‘He was the first atheist I met.He went Air Force after high school, got discharged but I don’t know why. Still haven’t quite processed how he could have done that.’ There were several other posts in similar vein. We welcome you at Match Finder that’s the #1 online dating site over the internet since couple of years. Join completely free online dating site without credit card.If he had been a homophobe who shot up a gay nightclub then this would automatically be classed as a crime motivated by homophobia.If he had been a white supremacist who shot up a Mosque, then howls of Islamaphobia would predominate in our media today.

He had joined that exclusive group of online atheists who take great pleasure in letting the world know how dumb Christianity is. They are becoming so common that it appears we are becoming more desensitised to these massacres – so much so that less than 24 hours later the massacre has become a side note on many of the news programmes here in the UK.Maybe if people realised that he was a Southern redneck evangelical Christian, we would now be having discussions on the BBC and the print media about the dangers of religion and how the Christian ‘Taleban’ in the Southern US are as dangerous as the real Taleban in Afghanistan?The secular and humanist Internet pages would be filled with dire warnings about how this proves the danger of religion. President Trump has already announced that this was a mental health issue by tweeting “this was not a gun issue is was a mental health issue”.(If the shooter had been a Muslim immigrant can you imagine President Trump tweeting ‘this was not an immigrant issue…this was a mental health issue’? Perhaps there was a history of mental illness but it would be wiser to resist the almost pathological urge to tweet these kinds of pronouncements.

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