The accuracy of carbon dating

An easy example is that of CFC-12, which gives: 90 12=102 -.

The main advantage of this method of deducing the molecular composition in comparison with the method described in the paragraph above is that it gives the number of carbon atoms of the molecule.

In searching for a new refrigerant, requirements for the compound were: low boiling point, low toxicity, and to be generally non-reactive.

Uses include refrigerants, blowing agents, propellants in medicinal applications and degreasing solvents.Ozone absorbs UV-B radiation, so its depletion allows more of this high energy radiation to reach the Earth's surface.Bromine atoms are even more efficient catalysts; hence brominated CFCs are also regulated.The decreased volatility is attributed to the molecular polarity induced by the halides, which induces intermolecular interactions.Thus, methane boils at −161 °C whereas the fluoromethanes boil between −51.7 (CF).

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