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I recently received my Big Y results and am attempting to learn to understand them.Can anyone tell me why I have 22 entries when I click on my "Novel Variants" tab but when i switch to matching, it reports my top match shares a larger number, 37, Novel variants with me?You can easily spot them because the Reference and Genotype columns have the same letter - they should be disregarded.a.) A date plunged his hand down the back of my jeans by way of saying "hi, pleased to meet you". I used to write about my experiences with online dating all the time.

As a kid I can remember passing the time in my more tedious classes doodling solo Tic Tac Toe boards along the margins of my notes.

His about me revealed him to be the kind of emotionally unavailable hottie I usually fall for. Andy, a man whose profile picture featured him grinning next to a human skull, was also a top match for me.

"I will probably never love you," he wrote "as much as I love America."I appreciated his honesty but opted not to message him. Before I had time to become wistful, I received a message from a man named Adam "America" Smith. I respect anyone willing to ignore the nascent fear every woman has that the man she's talking to online might be a serial killer, so I reached out."Andy," I said, "according to Trump we are 100% compatible.

So if you're looking for a not very diverse, difficult to use, online dating experience where your payments are processed by an Pay Pal shop called "Patriotic Investments," Trump might be the dating site for you.

Word is still out as to whether or not I accidentally supported Trump's campaign by paying for access to this site.

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