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The average salary in Ukraine today is about US 0-300 a month, which dropped significantly in the last year from the previous amounts of US 0-800 a month due to the armed conflict in the country and subsequent economic crisis.

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; Interview With Oregon Senator Ron Wyden; New Interviews With Stormy Daniels And Her Friend About Trump; Trump Supports Path to Citizenship for 1.8 Million Immigrants.

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A playful yarn describing a “snot-nosed kid” on a soda sugar-high, with a crush on an older woman of an ethnicity never experienced in Cartersville, GA.

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An example of a phrase that corresponds in meter to the Bachic foot is "BAD QUARTO: In the jargon of Shakespearean scholars, a "bad quarto" is a copy of the play that a disloyal actor would recreate from memory and then submit for publication in a rival publishing house without the consent of the author.