Updating database with adapter

I am using a table called Contacts to store user contacts.This table contains three columns id (INT), name (TEXT), phone_number(TEXT).When changes are made to the dataset, the changes in the database are actually done by the data adapter. It is a disconnected, cached set of records that are retrieved from a database. Text = "tutorialspoint.com" End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles Button1.When a connection is established with the database, the data adapter creates a dataset and stores data in it. Click Dim connection As Sql Connection = New sqlconnection() connection.We need to write our own class to handle all database CRUD(Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations. Create a new project by going to File ⇒ New Android Project. It appears from blogstats that people are coming to this blog using google searches which is totally awesome because I just got this blog underway again. In my blogging history, I have already written two blog posts related to database handling.

In this tutorial I am taking an example of storing user contacts in SQLite database.The first interface shows the current undergraduates, that already registered with this system. Don’t need to install or any administration privileges to run it. You have to import the database (saved file) to this application.But in this blog post you will not able to see the undergraduates names in the first interface, because I am not going to show you how to retrieve data from the database. Net applications for retrieving, accessing and updating data. Net object model is nothing but the structured process flow through various components.A data provider is used for connecting to a database, executing commands and retrieving data, storing it in a dataset, reading the retrieved data and updating the database. Net consists of the following four objects: Data Adapter This is integral to the working of ADO.

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