Updating dataset to database c

Exceptions to the scenario above include situations where you need to update data.

You then have to make a decision, based on the nature of how the data will be used as to your strategy.

A couple scenarios illustrate why you would want to work with disconnected data: people working without network connectivity and making Web sites more scalable.

Consider sales people who need customer data as they travel.

These are the mechanics of working with disconnected data.

Because the applications holds on to connections only when necessary, the application becomes more scalable.

In this lesson you'll learn the basics of working with a database using ADO. You've heard it so many times that it's almost a cliché: This is the information age.

This avoids a trip to the database, making your application more efficient.properties of the Sql Data Adapter object update the database with the data modifications that are run on a Data Set object.The Sql Command objects that are assigned to these properties can be created manually in code or automatically generated by using the opens the Connection associated with the Data Adapter and makes a round trip to the server each and every time it's asked to construct the action queries. This Lesson shows how to accomplish something in-between Sql Connection and Sql Data Reader interaction by using the Data Set and Sql Data Adapter objects.A Data Set is an in-memory data store that can hold numerous tables.

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