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Google’s Chrome Web browser is equipped with an autofill function that retains form data.This function is meant to be a time-saving feature, since it provides easy access to previously entered information.He’s previously used autocomplete to make a dating profile, so he’s pretty much a pro in using technology to get what he wants.Using the traditional layout, Aaron made sure to include all things such as his name, his location and his date of birth.

In older versions of Firefox, this option is in the Privacy tab instead of Security.They will auto-update when new data arrives through the Google Form. Here’s the link to the Goolge Form so you can see the formulas auto-update.Let’s run through how the first of these array formula examples, the SUM example, works.However, it may become bothersome if it brings up erroneous entries.You also may wish to remove any personal information, such as your address or credit card number, which the autofill function stored.

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