Updating pending checkins visual studio

Now, after a successfuly check in, the pending changes will remain in the pending changes window until they are manually undone or and identical check in is undertaken in which case all of the files will sync themselves with source control and will no longer be pending changes.

When diffing the files with their counterparts in source control after a successful check in, it is clear that there are no changes between the two despite the fact they are still in the pending changes window.

I have even tried closing all windows bar the file to be edited and letting the auto checkout on edit feature trigger the update.

The end result is always the same, the file is checked out and then the "Updating Pending Checkins..." message appears in the statusbar and the UI is unresponsive until it's finished.

Would you like to bind this solution to source control now? Why solutions are not integrated by default while creating my project (my friends are doing it automatically, they don't need to right-click in Source Control Explorer to add item to be able to see pending changes)?

Again this becomes frustrating when I need to check something in, but I have to search through the files and check the pertinent changes.

I understand that shelve sets exist using TFS, but that doesn't cut it for me, especially since I have several changed files that I need to keep altered in order to correctly deploy locally, and I rarely ever want to check in. to select all items and then press a checkbox to toggle the checkboxes for all items.

Is it possible to prevent the pending checkins to be updated on each checkout within VS2005 The solution is rather large, around 2000 files, and each time we checkout a file it starts updating the pending checkins, but because the updating seems to be done on the main thread, the whole UI is unresponsive for 15-20 seconds.

We've checked with both a VSS repository and Sourcevault repository and it's the same results with both.

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