Updating samsung blu ray

Press the "Open" button on the front of the Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player.

Place the burned CD into the DVD player's tray and press the "Open" button a second time to close the tray. Updating the internal software can fix many of the common errors encountered when using a Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player. Ensure that the DVD you are attempting to play is Blu-Ray compatible.

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Color issues and problems with the display is often causes by a connector cable that is not securely inserted into your television.I just spent an hour piecing together an answer to this problem but I have the fix - here it is for everone else that is Googling the same problem.Basically, the Blu Ray player needs to check the time with a source on the internet.To fix this problem, you have to add an exception in your ROUTER'S settings that opens port 123 to the blu-ray player's IP address.I googled my router and "open port" to find instructions for my router (a Fritz Box), but your router will obviously be different.

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