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In this area, Siri beats Alexa and Cortana but still falls behind Google Assistant on Google Home.

Despite the low percentage of correctly answering the 782 total queries asked of it, Munster said Siri's overall performance rose above expectations "given the limited scope of Home Pod's music focus." Some domains like navigation, calendar, email, and calling are simply not supported.

While not present in the first version of Home Pod (i.e.

you can’t even make a phone call with Home Pod), we believe Apple’s goal is to make Siri a ubiquitous, ambient presence that connects and controls all your connected devices and services – and to make a leap forward in the transition to voice-first computing.

In a white paper on the subject, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs wrote that Flash wasn't supported because it lacked full support for touch screens, it created security and performance issues, it ate into battery life and it created an extra layer between the developer and the operating system.

For Siri, Loup Ventures' Gene Munster reported that while the AI assistant understood 99.4 percent of queries asked of it, it answered only 52.3 percent of them correctly.

It is lightning quick with a strong user interface.

Unfortunately, access to bookmarks is strangely hidden within the menu system instead of appearing on display on the main screen, which is enough for many users to run back to Safari.

This means added support for these domains would bring Home Pod performance above that of Alexa (64%) and Cortana (57%), though still shy of Google Home (81%).

We know Siri has the ability to correctly answer a whole range of queries that Home Pod cannot, evidenced by our note here.

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