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For the first time, these households are able to send their children to private school and university. Many, for the first time, can afford to buy computers.

And when they do, they often go to small shops run by people like my friend’s uncle, Samuel.

Lagos is also home to a burgeoning middle class, thanks to massive amounts of (predominantly Chinese) investment, its vast natural resources (Nigeria has more oil reserves than the US and Qatar), and improved governance.

This middle class is the fastest growing in the world, and is enjoying a new-found purchasing power.

Some of these, like the laptops he sells, are second-hand.

Others, Samuel has built himself with components that he salvaged from discarded machines. Windows.”I asked him if he had Windows XP for sale.

But beyond that, there are millions more who either can’t, or want to upgrade from Windows XP. Despite not being the capital, it’s the largest city in Nigeria, and the sixth biggest in the world.

Uncle Samuel runs a small kiosk in the sprawling Alaba International Market – the largest electronics market in the whole of Africa. Some stores sell children’s toys imported from China. Others, second hand stereo equipment and counterfeit copies of low-budget Nollywood films.

It’s also a city that’s working hard to rebut some of the lazy stereotypes that people hold about African cities.

Although some districts of the city are lawless and desperately poor, others wouldn’t feel out of place in New York or London, with their opulent fashion boutiques and expensive five-star hotels.

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