Updating your nook

Some enterprising folks have therefore ported the code to the Nook HD and HD .

If you see the term ‘cyanogenmod’ bandied around, that’s one group that ports Android to various devices.

They’re curated from various Android forums, and are: to a temporary folder on your hard drive with any unzip program you like, 7-Zip or Win Rar or take your pick.

Note that the file extracts from 7.5 MB to a ‘img’ file 900 MB in size– that’s some serious compression, so make sure you have room on your hard drive. It’s the bootloader we’re going to use to start the Android tablet with and get the ball rolling.

For those of you who want a streamlined version of how to go to Android 7, start by downloading three files from my dropbox folder.

Choose the img file you just unzipped and make sure you write it to your micro SD card, and one of your hard drives.

Hit the ‘Write’ button and it’ll take a minute or two to extract the image to your micro SD card.

There are terrific resources out there on installing Android on a Nook HD , though it can be hard to find everything in one place.

Let me post the most user-friendly one, here: Installing Android 5.1 on a Nook HD It’s what got me started and is a wonderful resource, though as the title indicates, it’s for Android 5.1 and not 7.

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