Updating your nook

Ok, enough of the background and history, let’s get to business.

For those of you who want a streamlined version of how to go to Android 7, start by downloading three files from my dropbox folder.

Do you have a Barnes and Noble Nook HD and are wondering what to do now that B&N has essentially abandoned support for it?

It’s a pity– the HD is one of the great values out there, dirt cheap on e Bay and with a hi-res 1920×1080 screen display, it’s great for e Books and videos.

Some enterprising folks have therefore ported the code to the Nook HD and HD .

If you see the term ‘cyanogenmod’ bandied around, that’s one group that ports Android to various devices.

Keep in mind this will wipe out anything on the card, so make sure you don’t have any files on there you need, and once again make sure the drive letter (F:\ in my example) is that of your SD card, and ) to it, simply drag and drop them to the root directory with all the other extracted files.

To do this you’ll need a micro SD card, at least 1 GB in size, and a card reader that lets you read/write to it from a PC. There’s a very active community that makes current custom ‘images’ of Android that run on a variety of devices. It so happens that Android is an open-source platform, which means Google releases the source code for anyone to modify.

Before you start, make sure your Nook is fully charged, as the Android 7 installation can take 30 minutes or so and running out of power halfway through isn’t much fun.

You’ll also want to save any ebooks, videos or other files you want from the Nook to a safe location before starting, as the procedure we’re using here is a fresh start, clear-the-decks installation that will wipe out any data you have on the device.

The trouble is, the OS on the device is a customized version of Android 4.0, several years old and which is rapidly being phased out.

If you go to the Google Play store on the Nook you’ll find more and more apps that claim they’re ‘not supported’ on the device. The Nook HD has a dual core chip and that excellent HD display.

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