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It's not exactly stunningly original, but it's still a hilarious film.The three leads do a pretty good job, Lance being a particularly funny character.

Da USA er resultatet af stor immigration fra mange lande igennem flere hundrede år, er landet et af de lande i verden med flest etniske grupper.When the girl invites him to go "all the way", he steals his brother's GTO and heads to Knoxville with Felicia and Lance.Ian's character has the usual nerdy teen virgin-in-a-movie problems: falls for the wrong girls, takes few risks, gets caught in embarrassing sexual situations.Every young woman who meets Lance, including Felicia, is attracted to him, as he practices his aptly learned "Pick-Up Artist" skills.Ian, on the other hand, is a decent guy who wouldn't mind if his friendship with Felicia became a romance.

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