Van hansis dating tyler who has peter andre been dating

magazine sized and tabloid style) were all very coded when they interviewed actors who were gay.

Photos that were supposedly taken at the "gym" were actually at bathhouses in NYC.

He's still working, having recently played Cole Porter (! He's not unattractive now, but looks so glum in all of his recent photos (headshots) - maybe he's getting more work in his old age playing the heavy. My first boyfriend when I was 21 looked almost exactly like him! R113 - A Soap journalist wrote an article around 1997 exposing the code used in soap interviews and what the meaning s are.Plus, he's a vegan with a superiority complex on top of it all.I read that back in the 80s, a lot of the soap fanzines (when they had them...Maybe Pierson is enough to tempt him to spread his cheeks again. Guess Russell was one of them.r50 Morgan Englund (Dylan) once told me he likes girls. Chris Bernau, John Wesley Shipp, and Larkin Malloy were/are gay. I have my suspicions that his marriage is beard/merkin, since his wife gives off major lesbian vibes, but I don't know that for sure. I've heard both, but frankly, he couldn't even fake kissing women on that show, and his marriage seems an obvious beard situation. That rumor about Jacob Young always said he was with women until he got the hots for Jacob, but who knows how he classifies himself now.Michael Damian, retired years ago from "The Young and the Restless." Sequin purses would fall out of his mouth every time he delivered a line. But unfortunately, didn't make it to the showcase that he could compete on the show as he appeared briefly on Y&R and B&B, which tapes right next door; there are so many rules on that stuff; people who work backstage at CBS are privy to seeing all the prizes ahead of time in the hallway. I have thought he was gay since I saw a picture of him with turquoise toenil polish in the 90s; but I do know he married a woman in Hawaii and has a couple of kids. Back in 2000 or 2001, I saw Russell Todd at a screening at Outfest, LA's LGBT film festival. I met him on the street in Chelsea one day, and we got into a longish walk-and-talk conversation at the end of which, he asked me, "You're not trying to pick me up, are you? He was too up front and pleasant to be a gay guy who didn't want to fuck me. PAS is definitely gay, and he didn't really try to hide it when he was on soaps.

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