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But when Montecillo reached the section that asked for his ethnicity, he hesitated.

Montecillo, whose parents are Filipino, was born in New York and spent 13 years living in Hong Kong.

So I dumped him.] In a recent online survey of 900 Asian American men, Liu found that Asian men frequently feel stereotyped as lacking masculinity; they also said they’re perceived as undesirable and as too passive.

Part of the problem, she says, is that the white American man has become the standard for what is attractive. There are few Asian American male leads in Hollywood, and only recently have more Asian characters been cast as love interests.

It just means they often find themselves making an effort to improve their chances.

Montecillo ended up including his ethnicity on his profile, but he removed it after an exhausting period where he received a response about once in every eight or nine messages. you can’t help but wonder sometimes.” [Black women face prejudice every day.

Compared with black, white and Latino men, Asian men receive fewer matches and messages from women on the dating site.

Exklusiv bei tripuls: Dem Wettbewerb immer einen Schritt voraus sein - mit der automatischen Preisbeobachtung!He needed online dating only to “work once,” he says, and it did.In the process, Montecillo, 25, also learned to not judge himself based on others people’s standards.He asked himself: “Would people notice [me] if I was a large bearded white guy who likes hiking? I don’t need it in online dating, too.] After nearly three years on Ok Cupid, Montecillo met his current girlfriend, who is Caucasian.His approach was to emphasize his interests (he and his girlfriend are both big fans of Radiotopia podcasts); and keep his profile short but interesting.

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