Vmware ntp not updating

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After that the time is getting delayed on the Server.

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[email protected]:~# /etc/init.d/syslog status /etc/syslog-ng/does not exist [email protected]:~# rc Su SEfirewall2 status Checking the status of Su SEfirewall2 unused [email protected]:~#Server listening on UDP port 123.

I have tried to restart the NTP Service and synced the system clock to HWclock also. Please suggest the solution and steps to resolve the issue.. I see another server in the same network is working fine .

Hi If you tail /var/log/messages you should see ntp traffic?

If the host is managed via v Center, use v Sphere Web client – we’ll join a screenshot too at the end of this post).

The url of the connection is: Then click the Edit Settings button to bring up the configuration window.

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