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All, without exception, gave satisfactory evidence of the thorough drilling of which they have been subjected and exhibited a degree of proficiency in their several studies that reflected credit on themselves and on their teachers.

Spectators must have been impressed with the success of Mr.

His excellent qualities as an official have always been recognized.

Formerly the school year was divided into three terms of instruction, beginning with the spring term at the end of the Easter vacation.

There were some optional studies - bookkeeping, commercial arithmetic, drawing, and later, shorthand and typing.

But we could not teach all the subjects that should have been taught, nor divide up our classes to the best advantage because our teaching force was too small.

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1, later remodeled to make the High School on Main Street, accommodated a High School of two grades with one teacher for each grade, and an average attendance of seventy-five -twenty-nine boys and forty-six girls.When it was found to be desirable that shorthand be taught, one of the teachers devoted his summer vacation to the study of this art, and in the fall he was prepared to teach a large class in shorthand.In 1881 and during a few years that followed, the high school had no supplementary or extra literary reading matter.All the branches were co-related; and-whenever a weak spot was discovered, the lesson under discussion was dropped until by means of drilling and numerous other examples in subjects that gave additional light, all had been made perfectly clear.And always the principles were the important things, rules and theorems, easily derived from them were secondary.

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