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(Sometimes, taxi drivers are in cahoots with these helpful locals and will purposely drop you off to be received by them.) The local will then offer to take you to a lesser known but infinitely more beautiful sight or to a nice shop.

Generally, the destination is in fact open for business: simply refuse the offer and go and have a look.

Here’s the scene: you’re busy as all heck working your buns off. Have you ever been that person who’s asking to “brain pick” or grab coffee — and been handled elegantly? As always, thank you for reading, watching and contributing.

Through your blood, sweat and tenacity — you’ve gained a lot of experience and expertise. Everyone you know is taking notice, but unfortunately…

Prevention is based on knowledge: researching your destination will both alert you in advance to scams in the area and let you know what the usual prices and truly good sights are so you will be less reliant on the approaches of helpful individuals when you're vulnerable.

At the same time, if you do get stung, don't be too hard on yourself: you were dealing with people who knew the location a lot better than you and with people who were out to deceive you.

You’re now drowning in constant requests from friends who want to “have coffee and pick your brain.” But the truth is…

There are common scams that occur in many places that the traveller should be aware of.

Pretending they don't exist, which entails not making eye contact, not walking faster, not saying 'hello' or 'no', will often humiliate them or tire them out without frustration on your part.

In some cases, you were dealing with hardened criminals.

If you think what happened to you was illegal and the police are trustworthy, report it, otherwise, just chalk it up to experience.

In some cases the driver will not drive you to your hotel even if you insist.

In some places, taxi drivers will take you to the wrong hotel and insist it is the one you requested!

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