White collar speed dating episode

(We’ll be sharing our convo with him very soon.) But he also spilled about episode 10, which, as it turns out, has some major moments of its own — specifically for Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) and Winona (Natalie Zea).

“There’s a big thing that happens in 10 where we take the relationship to another level,” he teased.

Executive producer Graham Yost even stopped by EW HQ earlier this week to talk about the huge episode.In the episode, Raylan struggles to cope with disappointing his father figure Art, who previously caught them putting the bag of money Winona swiped back in the evidence room.But while the situation proves to be “very, very tough” on Raylan, his reflection on the event leads to a milestone confession. He says to her, ‘I didn’t do that thing with the money and get you out of that jam because I’m a criminal like my dad.Let’s do it again: “We won’t do flashbacks, but you’ll learn through story and you’ll see visually.I think a lot of it will be filled in throughout the season.” This “secret” of Thirteen’s on why she went to prison. — Margo No amount of doctor puns will get me to divulge the secret, but I can tell you that she isn’t crying over just anything in that preview you’ve seen. And Olivia Wilde says once it’s out there, we can expect to see it bring Thirteen and House closer than ever (…but not romantically). “It’s shocking to her because of the vulnerability that he expresses along with it,” Wilde says.

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