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Billy warns Bella about Edward Cullen and his family. Months after Edward leaves Forks, Bella comes to find Jacob and persuades him to help her rebuild two dead motorcycles to experience adrenaline rushes in order to hear Edward's voice in her mind, but as they spend more time together he starts to open up about his feelings for her, and Bella is torn by her own feelings to both Edward and Jacob.The fourth time, Billy sends Jacob to Forks High School on prom night to try and persuade her to break up with Edward, quoting, "We'll be watching you." Jacob crashes the prom and dances with Bella before Edward takes over again, much to his dismay. After Jacob phases, he is prohibited by Sam Uley from seeing Bella, saying that he could hurt or kill her.

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Jacob tells this to Sam and they prepare a hunting troop for Victoria.

But it took her a while to add up all the pieces." Isabella Marie Swan and Jacob Black's relationship is complicated because Jacob, a shape-shifter, is in love with Bella although she is romantically involved with Edward Cullen, a vampire.

This relationship eventually became a deep family-like bond between Bella and Jacob, after the latter imprinted on her daughter, Renesmee.

While Billy and Charlie prepare to enjoy a baseball match, Bella and Jacob hang out.

The third time, Jacob visits Bella with his father.

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