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Morgan will also portray George, the lead in The Coming of the Martians, an audio dramatisation of H. Wells’ classic 1897 story The War of the Worlds directed by Lisa Bowerman and adapted by Nick Scovell.It will be produced in native 5.1 surround sound and released in January 2018 as a Collector's USB Edition, Limited Edition DVD, 2-Disc CD and Download format.

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On 4 December 2016, Morgan read Autumn Journal on BBC Radio 3, which was about Louis Mac Neice's poetic testament of life in 1938, written against the turbulent backdrop of the Munich Agreement, the fall of Barcelona and Britain's preparations for an inevitable war.On 9 December 2012, Morgan performed the role of Gary, a flamboyant dance instructor trying to win the heart of one of his students, in Step in Time at The Old Vic 24 Hour Musicals Celebrity Gala in aid of The Old Vic Trust.In television, Morgan first appeared in 2007 as embarrassed gay son John Leary in sketches on The Catherine Tate Show's "Christmas Special." In 2008, he portrayed the conflicted emo space boy Jethro Cane opposite David Tennant in the fan-favourite Doctor Who episode "Midnight." Merlin chronicles the adventures of a young warlock who serves as Arthur's servant and Gaius' ward; Merlin must secretly develop his magical gifts under the gaze of Kings Uther and Arthur, both of whom despise the art.In the fall of 2015, Morgan was featured as Frankie Shea, brother-in-law and personal driver of Tom Hardy's Reggie Kray, in the 1960s London gangster film Legend based on the book The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins by John Pearson.For two days in Blackpool, from 9 to , Morgan filmed The Laughing King, a short film by White No Sugar TV and Funky Films in support of the UK charity Campaign Against Living Miserably's (CALM) push to raise awareness regarding depression, mental illness and male suicide.

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