Who is carlito olivero dating

Jacob discovers where Maya’s working and can’t believe his eyes.He tries to bring her back to East LA but it might be too late for Maya.The seniors get ready for graduation and saying goodbye to East Los High.When school is out for the summer, the new Bomb Squad heads off to dance camp with sexy newcomers who tempt Gina and Eddie’s relationship, on and off the dance floor.An unexpected wedding proposal throws everyone by surprise.

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As Jessie preps for the big audition, her bond with Cristian grows stronger – on and off the dance floor.

The series revolves around two teenage cousins—Jessie, who is a studious virgin, and Maya, a troubled runaway—who falls in love with Jacob, a popular football player.

From this love triangle, Maya and Jessie must face true-to-life decisions involving sex, drugs, pregnancy, infidelity and peer pressure that will decide which one of them gets the boy and mark their lives forever.

The Martinez home gets a beautiful surprise visitor.

Maya and Jacob bond over the makeover of the taquería but Maya doesn’t realize that Ramon is closing in on her.

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